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We are moving online this summer with two exciting programs!

Dear friends, we are announcing the first online institute on our 41st year! Unfortunately, we had to postpone the physical institute due to COVID-19. But we are ready and excited to continue our world-renowned institute virtually. Due to the nature of this program we are only accepting 12 fellows and no associates this year. But we are starting a new exciting program for teachers!

Online institute, same structure!


The Institute faculty has been able to create a 13-day program (July 12-25) which will offer the same excellent instruction as in the past - but, in a more creative and intimate way.  The Institute will offer online Zoom sessions each morning and afternoon.  Participants will conduct recordings of the assigned repertoire, and will receive no-nonsense tutorial from conductors and composers who have vast experience in the commercial, academic and professional worlds of music.  The guest conductors and composers are keenly aware of what it takes to succeed in a tough competitive field, and are willing to share their knowledge and expertise.  Because of the nature of the program, only 12 conductors will be accepted into the program this summer.  Each participant will receive 144 minutes of conducting time.


In addition to the 3 hours morning session, there is another 3 hour session in the afternoon. It will include a critique of each conductor’s morning performance. Also, in the afternoon, lectures by our 6 visiting faculty members will offer relevant topics such as:  programming, score study and marking, rehearsal technique, role of Music Director/Conductor, etc.  In all, the Institute will run at least 6 hours each day.

A new program: Teachers Symposium


As you know, upon completion of an education degree, you get a job and become conductors, oftentimes without many of the skills that could make our jobs easier.  This online program will be catered toward your needs. Lessons/Lectures on score preparation and rehearsal techniques, incorporating music from Neil Casey's original list OR pieces you may want to do with your program could be used.

Instead of conducting in front of over 50 conductors, the Conductors Institute Teacher Symposium would allow you to participate with a smaller, but supportive group!  You would conduct with recordings over Zoom, daily, receive feedback and have the opportunity to observe others.


The program starts on July 14-17th we take a break on the weekend then resume 20-23rd.

Neil Casey is on the faculty at the University of South Carolina, and the Music Director of the South Carolina Philharmonic Youth Orchestras. He has a music education degree, and is a frequent conductor of region orchestras and comes from a family of music teachers.


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